How to connect GoIP to SIMBERRY
Posted by Account Administrator on 27 August 2019 06:57 AM

SIMBERRY provides batches of GoIP firmware packages for free to enable MySIMBERRY for your GoIP products.

SIMBERRY supports following GoIP products:

  • SIM Bank 32 (SMB32 and SMBT32) Warning as SMB32 and SMBT32 have dedicated firmware
  • SIM Bank 128 (All versions) 
  • Gateway any GoIP 2G (Quectel GSM M35, S/N starts with 4M, 8M, 16M or 32M)
  • Gateway any GoIP 4G (Quectel LTE EC25, S/N starts with 8E only)

Please check with our support if your gateways are compliant.

Important: You can revert at anytime by following the process at the bottom of this article.

Prior to start any upgrade process, please make sure of the following:

  • You are a free registered customer at
    Required to connect your GoIP product

  • You have full access to our free Technical center,
    Required for free gateway license request

  • You can provide your GoIP product Serial Numbers & Firmware version
    Required for free license request

  • Your GoIP product is connected and can be reached over internet
    Required in case of audit and online upgrade processed from our support

  • You have downloaded the SIMBERRY Sim server User guide and the windows application GATEManager available from your account in SIM SERVER section, Downloads top bar menu.


Open a technical support ticket and select GoIP Upgrade on our helpdesk to keep track of the upgrade process.

Support team will be able to follow up with you the process and provides once required the license.
Mandatory information is:

Provide model, serial numbers, firmware version and if possible IP address with credentials to access to every products your are going to connect to solutions
NB: Support can check if your product is supported or not.

IF your GoIP products are supported, then you can follow up STEP #2 

ELSE go to the Revert Process STEP at the bottom of this article

STEP #2 (your GoIP product is supported)

Flash your GoIP product with proper SIMBERRY firmware
Trying to flash your GoIP product wihtout proper firmware may brick your product.
Please contact our support for any help or information.

Please read & follow the GoIP manual instructions for the GoIP Online Update Process.

Once all updates are done, fill in the pending ticket with the Public IP (if it was not done before) for each product updated.

Support will check and authorize your product to connect to your MySIMBERRY account.


STEP #3 (after upgrade success)

  • SIMBERRY support will authorize your GoIP product to connect to SIMBERRY solutions.
    - Gateways required an internal SIMBERRY license
    - SIMBANK do not require any license
  • Configure the SIMBERRY SIM Server to manage your SIM cards with your Gateways
    SIMBERRY provides free support through helpdesk.


How to revert to GoIP firmware ?

If you need to revert the the GoIP legacy firmware then log into the WEB interface (http://<GOIP_IP>), default credential with SIMBERRY firmware is teles / tcs-ag .
Once logged in, select topbar menu entry Firmware Upgrade and click on Restore Original button, follow the instructions.


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